Sunflower Sprouts, Butter Lettuce and Rose Finn Apple Potatoes (Green City Market, May 7)

Yesterday Sabasalads went to the park for Green City Market’s first day outdoors. Since it was overcast, chilly and before 9 AM, the market wasn’t too crowded and there was plenty of interesting produce to be had.


Lots of lettuces, shoots, sprouts and herbs were for sale this weekend. We took home young butter lettuce, arugula and two types of potatoes (rose finn apple and Russian blue) from Nichols Farm in Marengo, Illinois, sunflower sprouts from the urban gardens of Growing Power in Chicago and Milwaukee, a sheep’s milk camembert-style cheese from Prairie Fruits Farm in Champaign, Illinois, and a bunch of garlic mustard greens and sorrel from Green Acres Farm in North Judson, Indiana (stay tuned for more on garlic mustard and sorrel in upcoming posts!)

We bought the lettuces live, transplanted them in our window-sill planter and trimmed the young leaves straight into a salad with the sunflower sprouts, a few shredded sorrel leaves and walnuts. The sunflower sprouts were a favorite: a bit crunchy and just a hint of nutty flavor not unlike sunflower seeds. For the dressing, we used red wine vinegar, oil, salt and a load of black pepper. As an alternative, apple cider vinegar, oil and some mustard would work well with these delicate spring greens. We fried the potatoes in olive oil. They were buttery and delicious on their own and didn’t need anything else in the way of garnishes.

Green City Market is outdoors in Lincoln Park (between Stockton and Clark Street just south of Armitage) on Wednesday and Saturday mornings between May and October.




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