From the Vauxhall Bridge



I took this picture from the Vauxhall Bridge almost a year ago to the day. At that point, I was in London on a brief research trip: my first experience discussing my project with people outside my department. I hadn’t applied for grants, seen any objects and had only a minimal idea of what I would even be doing over the next year. Last night I found myself walking across the same bridge, and seeing this same view brought back memories of that moment. I realized both how far the project has come since then, and how many of the same fears I still have embarking on the next leg of my journey to Berlin.

Sure, this time I’m better prepared. I’ve photographed and catalogued 742 objects this summer and submitted a draft of my first dissertation chapter. I have some “field experience,” so to speak. That’s a major thing, but it’s only the beginning. Over the last few months I’ve also written 30 blog posts (this one makes 31), and that’s something that I certainly didn’t expect to have done.

In two weeks I’ll be in Berlin- for a good long time -and in addition to my dissertation-related goals, I hope to increase the number of blog posts I write per month and the recipes and markets I try each week. Because somehow I think it’s been an important part of this whole experience- a really important part. So, on that note, goodbye to London (for now) and you’ll hear from me soon in Berlin.




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