Madrid (January 6-8, 2012)

Hello folks. It’s Thursday night here in Berlin and I’m making soup from leftover roast chicken. I don’t have a recipe for this post since it’s been a frugal and a rather bland week food-wise.

Last weekend was spent in Madrid, so I’m currently in recovery mode from the series of pork and fish-based dishes that seemed to come in waves while I was in Spain. Being around so many delicious foods was a perfect way to spend the first weekend of the year.

There were many savory bites like these:

And I have to include a shot of one of my personal favorites – these simple but utterly satisfying fried green peppers (known as pimientos de padron):

There were also some delightful sweets, although I didn’t try the ubiquitous roscones de reyes – the soft bready cakes reminiscent of king cakes that were displayed for Epiphany:

I’m not saying that everything we ate was wonderful- there were some late-night tapas eaten out of sheer hunger at 2 AM that were pretty awful. But, what I appreciate about Madrid and other places I’ve been where food is enjoyed rather than just eaten, is the deep respect for tradition and simplicity that somehow doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s mostly really good and really exciting stuff.

On that note, I plan to fill the next few months with exciting recipes, and try to break out of my usual repertoire a bit. I’m looking forward to sharing some of them here.


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