Herb plot cash in

Well, I fell behind in posting again – weak sauce. But hey, I’m still making dinner! 

I finally joined a community garden (conveniently located two doors down from my apartment) and have been growing herbs in a shady plot. Most of the herbs have done well so far, except for my golden-variegated sage. Something gnawed on it and the neighboring chervil soon began to overshadow it (pun most definitely intended). I’ve been posting pictures of the garden to instagram (@salabadas).

Yesterday it rained and so some of the bushes got knocked around and the larger stems were flattened so I decided to give the poor things a haircut. That’s the great thing about herbs – cut them down to size and they will (hopefully) spring back all the stronger. 

This also gave me the opportunity to cash in for the first time this season, and since I’m growing these things for the zen of it and not expecting any yield to speak of, this was a pleasant outcome. I snipped until I thought the herbs looked decent again and took the loot up to rinse off in a big plastic bowl:


That’s curly parsley, nasturtiums, thyme and a whole bunch of chervil. I’m also growing garden sorrel (Rumex sanguineus) but it is still small so I didn’t pick any today. 

After washing – not entirely enough, but hey now I can say I’ve truly tasted Manhattan – I put some oil, a healthy pinch of salt, a bit of pepper and just a splash of red wine vinegar into a bowl and stirred twice, then combined. It tasted chervily (i.e. like anise) and peppery from the nasturtiums. And green, like after a summer shower. Not bad for an herb plot forage.





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